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PFD Standard Template


The Authority uses standardised documentation to assist in the effective management of the Authority. The following documents should be acquired from the Authority to be used in undertaking and implementing the Obligation:

1.      PFD Agreement (Non-FMS): This standard form document outlines the terms and conditions. Obligor companies must enter into the                    standard PFD Agreement. Obligor's own agreements are not acceptable.

                       Defence & Security  (PFD Agreement-Defence and Security- Non-FMS.pdf)

                       Civil                          (PFD Agreement-Civil-Non-Defence and Security.pdf)

2.      Schedule of Supply Contracts: This standard form document details the contract(s) that have been signed.          

         Schedule of Supply Contracts.pdf

3.     Form of Supplemental Agreement: This document contains specific details of any relevant Agreement, the related Obligation and any                  special terms agreed, and should be completed and executed for each separate Agreement.

         Sample Form of Supplemental Agreement.pdf

4.      Project Concept Paper Template: All Project Concept Papers should be submitted using the approved template to ensure all necessary                  information is provided. Approved Concept Papers will be not attached to the PFD Agreement.​

         Project Concept Template.pdf

 5.      Form of Corporate and Bank Guarantee: A standard form of Guarantee will be used by all Obligors as per the PFD Agreement.       

​         Sample Form of Corporate Guarantee.pdf