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PFD Overview


Offset in its various formats (countertrade, industrial participation, industrial cooperation etc.) has been around since the 1930's with the first formal programme launched in 1933. Today over 80 countries apply offset to their government procurements.In Oman offset is known as Partnership for Development (PFD).​In Oman the PFD Programme was first introduced in the late 1990's by the Ministry of Defen​ce (MOD) and was applicable only to defence procurements. The first PFD Guidelines were issued by the MOD in 2000 with a second edition in 2011.In November 2008 under Royal Orders the administration of the Programme was moved to the Ministry of Commerce & Industry.

In 2010 a review of the PFD Programme, its structure and Guidelines began culminating on the 3rd Febru​​ary 2014 with the promulgation of Royal Decree 9/2014, which made PFD mandatory, and which created an independent Authority (the OAPFD) to administer the PFD Programme.It also extended the scope of the PFD Programme from purely defence and security to also include civil infrastructure procurements.In June 2015 the revised Regulations were approved in accordance with the Royal Decree​.​