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Working Environment


The Omani Authority for Partnership for Development is keen to attract the most talented Omanis, standing on the conventional wisdom that the most important asset any organization has is its Human Asset.  The key success factor to the Authority success and progress depends profoundly on the creativity, skills and knowledge of its work force. The authority strongly advocates the following values and norms that would echo the authority working culture. 
                  1. Every one of us is participating in building Oman future.
                  2. Teams are casually formed to enrich a project or to resolve a challenge.
                  3. Innovation and creativity is rewarded and appreciated.
                  4. The success of others is my success.
                  5. Objective and task driven environment rather than restriction and limitations.
                  6. Friendly working environment with great deal of flexibility.
                  7. An immense focus on delivering projects and contracts on time with the quality and precision anticipated.
                  8. Enhance the staff exposure and knowledge through involvement in diverse projects and focus groups.